TacFit Commando

Recruit Mission Review

I got TacFit Commando during the original launch. I really didn't know what to think. I had just bought the a set of 25# clubbells along with the bruiser. I finished the density cycle of swipes that I was doing and then started this one. I was surprised at how hard it was. I am a bigger guy, 280lbs after density cycle, and some of the exercises were rough for me. I just finished the entire Recruit Mission, all 84 days and let me tell you this stuff is awesome. My entire body composition changed and I actually went down a size in my waist. The program is put together exceptionally well with incremental difficulty. The warm ups and cool downs go hand in hand with the exercise. I can't recommend this program enough. I just started the Grunt Mission and even with the progress I made in recruit, my first high intensity day kicked my a$$. I can't recommend this program enough.
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Gymboss Interval Timer
I got my
Gymboss Interval Timer
in late 2007. This device has been an integral part of my training every since then. Whether I am doing the SSST or TacFit Commando, this device is what keeps me going. I would not have made the progress that I have made with out it. I highly recommend this product!